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CineBags is proud to work with some of the best creative minds in the business. We provide the gear bags they need to be the best in their respective fields.  We decided to put together a team of cinematographers, videographers, filmmakers, photographers, and underwater photographers. The following people are part of the CineBags family of adventurers and travelers. Learn more about the CineBags Ambassadors and explore their amazing work below.

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV aka (ABC4) is a 2-Time Emmy Award winning cinematographer, field

producer & television presenter specializing wildlife and adventure films around the world. From Great

Whites Sharks & Polar Bears to King Cobras & Killer Whales, Andy has filmed on all 7 continents and in

some of the harshest environments on earth. Using the innovative cinematography & unorthodox camera

techniques, Andy is helping revolutionize the way the world sees & perceives wildlife and constantly pushing 

the limits to shed new light & perspective into the hidden lives of the planet's most feared & misunderstood 

predators. With more than 100 wildlife films credits to his name Andy has shot & produced over 75 shark films 

and dozens of other wildlife documentaries for the world’s top media networks including National Geographic, 

BBC, Discovery, ABC, etc. Andy's mission is to inspire people to care about our planet & act to protect it!




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