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CB26 Gear Bunker

Product Details
All your gear and laptop in one bag!

The CB26 Gear Bunker is finally a bag to transport and protect your entire DRONE package, GoPro package, lens setup as well as your MacBook.  The CineBags logo is removable with velcro for a more stealthy look or to customize it with your own company logo. Included with the bag is our heavy duty shoulder strap, CB93 Mesh Pouch, and a CineBags key chain.

Exterior sizes
Length:  14 inches  (35.56 cm)
Width:   11.5 inches  (29.21 cm)
Depth:   7 inches  (17.78 cm)
Weight:  4.13 pounds  (1.87 kg)
Interior sizes
Length:  12 inches  (30.48 cm)
Width:   9 inches  (22.86 cm)
Depth:   3 inches  (7.62 cm)
Exterior sizes – laptop compartment
Length:  12.5 inches  (31.75 cm)
Width:   9.5 inches  (24.13 cm)
Depth:  1.25 inches  (3.17 cm)
Sizes of the dividers (9)
Length:  10 inches   (25.4 cm)
Width:   3 inches  (7.62 cm)
Depth:  1 inch  (2.54 cm)
Length:  6 inches (15.24 cm)
Width:   3 inches  (7.62 cm)
Depth:  1 inch  (2.54 cm)
Length:  3.5 inches  (8.89 cm)
Width:   3 inches  (7.62 cm)
Depth:   1 inch  (2.54 cm)

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