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CineBags is proud to work with some of the best creative minds in the business. We provide the gear bags they need to be the best in their respective fields.  We decided to put together a team of cinematographers, videographers, filmmakers, photographers, and underwater photographers. The following people are part of the CineBags family of adventurers and travelers. Learn more about the CineBags Ambassadors and explore their amazing work below.

Plagued with a wandering mind and inability to focus, the only medicine that ever worked for Brian was camera and a map. With a prescription for adventure, he was off to travel the world; camera in one hand, and a destination in the other.


With his globe trotting above and below the water, he’s become a formidable industrial designer, graphic artist, building architect, and photographer. But to what ends? Even he doesn’t know that, and hopefully he never will. For his life’s work will be defined by how much he can learn in one lifetime, and the number of  stories he can tell through the lens.


No, he is not the most interesting man world, he just has OCD.


Here are some projects he’s worked on.



Studio W Architectural Design

Cinebags Product Designer

Draftsman & Lighting Designer for Perception

Comic Book Wish the World Typography & Graphic Artist



PDW Product Photographer

GEV Food Photographer

UW Photographer


You can find his work on instagram at the following:

Yosemite_CB (3 of 5)
Yosemite_CB (4 of 5)
Yosemite_CB (1 of 5)
Yosemite_CB (5 of 5)
Yosemite_CB (2 of 5)
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