CB25 Revolution Backpack 

$ 299.00

Product Details
Our version of the perfect location bag
The CB25B Revolution Backpack is the standard production tool for TV, broadcasting, and the film industry.  Its ultra versatile, customizable interior allows you to carry cameras, lenses, and accessories in a variety of configurations. The laptop compartment can even hold up to a
MacBook Pro 17 inch.

The CB25B is large enough to carry an entire camera package, but small enough to fit in most airlines overhead bins. We call it, “The perfect location bag.” 

We upgraded our new edition of the CB25B with a higher density compression foam harness  and removable hip belt. It distributes the weight evenly for those long hauls, especially with heavy cameras like RED, BLACKMAGIC, CANON EOS, or ARRI. 

It is the most comfortable version of the bag yet.  

Exterior sizes


Height:  25 inches  (63.5 cm)

Width:   13 inches  (33.02 cm)

Depth:   11 inches  (27.94 cm)

Weight:   6.5 pounds  (2.95 kg)


Interior sizes


Height:  18 inches  (45.72 cm)

Width:   11 inches  (27.94 cm)

Depth:   9 inches  (22.89 cm)


Exterior sizes – laptop compartment


Height:  15.5 inches  (39.37 cm)

Width:   11 inches  (27.94 cm)

Depth:   2 inches  (5.08 cm)

Customer reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Great Value

I have used this bag on a backpacking trip, carrying a Red Epic and associated gear more than 10 miles. It is very comfortable to wear and really has more in common with a backpacking bag than a typical cine-gear type bag. It's very large inside -- although the space goes quick. As others have noted, the pockets do not stretch at all, either your items fit or they don't. I sometimes use the front pocket for my laptop, but it can also be used for extra batteries or paperwork. The rain cover is nice as a camera cover in hot sun or light rain. Overall I think this is a lot of bag for not much money.

Constant Reader

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Best Camera Bag available 

Wow. I have always wanted to get a Cinebag and let me tell you. This bag is amazing and I pack it with tons of gear and still have pockets empty. I also strap a monopod and glidecam hd2000 on the back and i get around no problem. If you travel a lot or shoot a lot of outdoors and wanna keep your gear clean and protected this is the bag for you

Dalton Campbell 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  Great company with exceptional customer service and an incredibly built exceptionally designed backpack

I use this bag for my Sony HXR-NX3 video camera. It fits perfectly and is completely safe with the incredible amount of adjustable velcro cushion that comes with the bag. My 15" mac book pro fits like a glove and has enough protection surrounding it as well.The straps are strong and well built and the rain cover located underneath the bag is so impressive when you pull it out and place it over your bag. I contacted Cinebags regarding the zipper pull colors I wanted to change on my bag and I received such a quick, fast and courteous response (from Markus Davids) and the new zipper kit colors are in route already. What a great bag and just as great customer support. I will definitely be purchasing more accessories from Cinebags. Thank you Cinebags! 

Angel J Ortiz

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