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CineBags is proud to work with some of the best creative minds in the business. We provide the gear bags they need to be the best in their respective fields.  We decided to put together a team of cinematographers, videographers, filmmakers, photographers, and underwater photographers. The following people are part of the CineBags family of adventurers and travelers. Learn more about the CineBags Ambassadors and explore their amazing work below.


Desiree L. Lavalette

Telling others stories has always been a passion for Des, whether its though film or photography, everyone has a great story to tell. Growing up in Florida, she photographed the beach and everglades as often as she could at a young age.  Des’s photography evolved into food photography, landscapes, portraits, and street. There isn’t anything she doesn’t like to capture. 


Getting into  TV & Film production started as a Food Stylist for HSN in St. Petersburg, FL that evolved into Documentary work started a few years ago working with TLC, traveling around the nation for 3 seasons for a show called “Long Lost Family.” Reuniting family remembers who have spent their entire lives searching for loved ones was a memorable show to be a part of with an amazing crew. 


Des stays in the documentary world but goes back and forth between reality shows, scripted series  and feature films. She is on the path to directing heart felt documentaries & films..


IG: Draydigital



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