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CineBags is proud to work with some of the best creative minds in the business. We provide the gear bags they need to be the best in their respective fields.  We decided to put together a team of cinematographers, videographers, filmmakers, photographers, and underwater photographers. The following people are part of the CineBags family of adventurers and travelers. Learn more about the CineBags Ambassadors and explore their amazing work below.

Growing up in archipelagic Philippines, Ram had an early love affair with the ocean.  His young exposure to colorful reefs made him pursue a career in scuba diving as an instructor and underwater photographer.  Now a multi-awarded underwater photographer, Ram is at the frontier of exploration and documentation of two things: Underwater Caves & Bonfire Diving. As a member of the Filipino Cave Divers, he is active in exploring and documenting underwater cave systems in the Philippines.  While back in his base in Anilao, Ram is a proponent of the Bonfire method for documenting planktonic critters.


Some project Ram has worked on:

I. Let’s Go Dive Guides: ANILAO

Co-Authored “Let’s Go Dive Guides: ANILAO” with Andrew Marriott.  The book is a comprehensive dive guide for the 50+ divesites in Anilao. It contains detailed narratives, including maps and photos, of the divesites. The book’s English version will be released October 2017, while a Chinese version will also available in 2018.


II. UW Bonfire Workshop (November 4-6, 2017)

Commissioned by the Philippine Commission on Sports & Scuba Diving (PCSSD) to conduct a workshop on shooting planktonic critters using the Bonfire method.


III. Rapid Reef Assessment Project 2017

Commissioned by the Philippine Commission on Sports & Scuba Diving (PCSSD) to be the official underwater photographer for a series of underwater explorations across the Philippines in 2017.  The objective of the series of Rapid Reef Assessments was to discover and document new dive destinations in the country.


IV. Benham Rise Expedition May 2017

Official underwater photographer of the Philtech Divers Team commissioned by the Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources to explore and document impressions on the Benham Rise.  The data collected was submitted to policy-makers to enable them to build a suitable long-term and manageable framework for the governance of Benham Rise.

FB: Ram Yoro

IG: Ram Yoro

Twitter: Ram Yoro

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